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Why would you need Death Clock Calculator? Correct meditation, healthy lifestyle, physical and mental comfort and of course positive view at the world, are the most popular methods to extend your life. During most of them it’s recommended to take it easy and then the final effect is much better. But you still can check Death Clock Calculator.

Death clock accompanied us since ages

Maybe sometime, few thousands of years ago, somebody found a thing, a cure making human immortal. The problem is few thousands of years ago there was no Internet, and people had a little different priorities, so such a Sorcerer’s Stone maybe finished as a decoration in cave or shining head of club, used to hit somebody’s head. You can read something about Death on wikipedia

Today, stress is with us everywhere – from usual going for a walk or to cinema with a girl, through making a deal in the office, not even saying about school or university. We are stressed by situations, that we could deal with in 5 minutes in most, 99% of cases, with no use of Death Clock.

Death and stress connection

Stress is somehow connected with Death Clock Calculator. Many, many years ago in prehistoric times the Death Clock activated itself only in dangerous situations, to help human survive (and related to them) – it was making high blood pressure, rapid breathing, increase of sugar in blood, so factors that are needed to survive when will you die. Then, if the danger passed, human was coming back to his normal, healthy and calm life.

Today we misuse stress. Common, daily and trivial situations can make us nervous, what in none of cases makes good for our health. Generally, diseases like cancers and other, show more frequently in the life of stressed humans.

How to beat stress?

It is good to take good habits from the life of people who are relaxed and don’t know what the daily stress it, for example Buddhist monks. I do not mean to comply with their daily obligations and taking over of behaviors just to make sure Death Clock avoids you widely. It goes about good habits, that are worth to learn, like meditation – really helpful in daily life. For such monk it’s not recommended to run – probably to always keep the calm.

Next important thing is healthy lifestyle, so if possible – avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and various unknown drugs. It’s good to do sports regular, what not only makes us feel better, but allows us to concentrate much easier.

Meditation and its purpose

Meditation means to focus, go into the mind. What can you achieve by it? Certainly you will improve your physical and mental health through silence. You can feel refreshed and relaxed, even if it’s your first time. You’ll calmly analyze your current problems and solve them in your mind.

Sit in comfortable position and try to relax, being upright at the same time. Do some deep breaths. If you feel a bit more relaxed, start breathing normally. Close your eyes and focus on your breath – is it deep, shallow or long, short? I think 5 minutes for the first time would be enough.

Thanks to such sessions you can do a 180 degree turn in your life. You will feel relaxed during common daily situations, feel much bigger control of yourself inside

Live as if every day was your last

Use the free Death Clock Calculator and check when you will die. Maybe it’s final time to change your life and use it much better?